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ZTE Axon 7 MAX hands on CES 2017

Posted on December/17/2018 | Categories: Videos 8 Comments

ZTE Axon 7 MAX hands on CES 2017


Music by Jason Shaw@audionautix.com

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Mostwanted says:

    It doesn't have front speakers? Is it waterproof? I love 3D but i only buy phones that are Waterproof or Front speakers , also the Proccesor is Mid range, not up to par with the older 820 so thats 2 negatives

  2. gabriel francu says:

    hi. i like to know. about the software if i can update on this phone?and. if i can use full app in United Kingdom? and what about the 3D what format file it requires? thanks

  3. Vic Cudiamat says:

    does it have FM radio?

  4. Joe Gemini says:

    By the way .. Did u compare the Audio earphone function with LG V20 please .. I can tell the Speaker possibly better than LG V20 ..

  5. Joe Gemini says:

    What's the Difference between this and the LG or HTC 3D smartphone few years ago pls?

  6. Tiger Gray says:

    does it have Dolby Atmos just like the regular axon 7?

  7. Tiger Gray says:

    Dolby Atmos my favorite looks like I'm getting this phone

  8. Filip Martinez says:

    Soo wait, can it take 3D slomo video?