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ZTE Axon 7 Mini Review

Posted on May/25/2018 | Categories: Videos 18 Comments

With a screen size that only shrinks to 5.2 inches, and a body that’s barely smaller than its parent phone, does the Axon 7 Mini still manage to scratch that smaller-phone itch?

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18 Responses so far.

  1. Hunnic Barbarian says:

    Got the phone IDK if I like it. Picked it up after a update 2 min ago. Almost burned my hand so hot. No ram cleaner. Can't move videos to the SD card. Very low level interface blue studio HD I compare this amateur phone to. I want my Samsung s4 back. Or note 2. Im trying my hardest to return this phone. Especially after it was Very hot to the touch. So hot I'm worried it might start a fire

  2. chris hanna says:

    I'm watching this video with the AXON 7 mini

  3. Alexis Mos says:

    Did he really say that 5.2'' 'is not that mini'??

  4. CellPhoneAddicted says:

    Hi! Can anyone help by telling me if the ZTE AXON MINI 7 has a Notification Led Light??? Thanks in advance.:)

  5. Don Carbon says:

    Just got it at Best Buy for $185

  6. RANDOM says:

    This guy is asking too much out of a mid-range phone, he should take in count that companies like apple and Samsung aren't even trying to make affordable smartphones, at least zte is making an affordable phone u ass. I've watched a load of videos, they all say that it's a great phone. I've used it and tried the camera at best buy. It's amazing. your just a spoiled ass who always used top of the line phones, you ass.

  7. Hi It's Me Mind Your Own Business says:

    I tried axon 7 mini was not really impressed maybe regular sized axon 7 sounds better.

  8. G H 0 S T says:

    wth is a handset

  9. Jayson Flores says:

    now it's 200

  10. Jj De says:

    @6:42 the only thing that's appealing is how long you've been using majic shave on that shiny ass chin!

  11. computerapple4 says:

    u can match this now with newer mid range phonr under 250. and it seem like better speced

  12. Alovon says:

    Does it seem like a better proposition than a G4+ or a G5+ now that it's dropped to 200-240 on Amazon/Newegg?

  13. Da Boss says:

    WTF 6 sot is bad?????

  14. Albert Balgz says:

    199 at best buy

  15. Ruger 40 says:

    If I spill my taco on it is it taco proof

  16. SR1Records says:

    Wait. 6 hours screen on time is bad? What? I'm i really behind in the smart phone world, or is 6 hours screen on time actually very good? I've been used to thinking that 4-5 hours screen on time is good, but he's saying that 6 hours is bad… Is it just me?

  17. Bronsons Burgers says:

    does it work with Verizon?

  18. The Real Bleach says:

    This or Huawei P9 Lite