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ZTE Axon 7 Mini Unboxing & First Look!

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ZTE Axon 7 Mini – Factory Unlocked Phone

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18 Responses so far.

  1. Roger Wittekind says:

    BTW one of the replies to your video mentioned how to get the Dolby to work and now I'm really impressed with the phone.

  2. Roger Wittekind says:

    Thanks for the video and right before Bestbuy ran out of stock they sold them for $159 and before that the lowest I'd seen them for was $199.
    And I didn't know it had slow motion until I saw your video so now I'll have to mess with that.

  3. Abel Gongora says:

    What about the audio in the selfie video recorder? Any good?

  4. Gentleman Hack says:

    it feels really great in hand with the metal gold. Amazing

  5.  Dev Sta says:

    way to oversell Audible.

  6. Akshara Akshara says:

    i just got it for £94.83.

  7. Sébastien Beaudette says:

    I paid 150$ Canadian and I really like my ZTE axon mini seriously love my phone for the price I am really surprised thanks ZTE for that good phone for only 150 dollars Canadian.

  8. Luke Chevalier says:

    150 cad where i live

  9. briank8193 says:

    Great review I bought this phone this past week from Amazon. Luv it. A great deal. 5 stars.

  10. James Stepp says:

    Um, Snapdragon 617 is Octacore, not Quad…

  11. Geez Juice says:

    Axon 7mini 113€ in my Ireland

  12. CellPhoneAddicted says:

    Hi! Can anyone help by telling me if the ZTE AXON MINI 7 has a Notification Led Light??? Thanks in advance.:)

  13. Don Carbon says:

    $185 at Best Buy right now

  14. SIMPLYinc says:

    Guys im late it is still a good phone?

  15. Ricky says:

    i need help choosing g5plus or axon 7 mini

  16. Josh Jordan says:

    I currently have this phone, the quick charge is waaaay faster than 90 minutes. It's a good phone for the price.

  17. Loading...... says:

    199 at best buy! dont buy from internet. they tend to have many defects

  18. computerapple4 says:

    g4 plus with 32gb of storage and 4gb ram. with better spec internaly is its only competitor. idk man