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ZTE Axon 7 Mini Vs ZTE Blade V8 Pro!

Posted on April/22/2017 | Categories: Videos 8 Comments

ZTE Blade V8 Pro Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2kE1stR
Axon 7 Mini Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2l8ABnC

Head to Head Battle: Let’s see who prevails!

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8 Responses so far.

  1. scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40% says:

    they both have app drawer

  2. Omar Bravo says:

    I say you were wrong on half of this review but thats me I have both

  3. hymefly says:

    Damn dude! Your review was perfect! I have the Axon and your review on it was spot on. I agree with everything you said. I'm returning it due to a crappy software bug. For some reason, it is not compatible with the Play Store. It would not let me download apps using cellular network, only through wi-fi. ZTE has admitted some of their phones have that issue. Unlike these other paid "reviewers" with there big budget produced videos, your review was honest, clear, short, and to the point. Much appreciated.

  4. Igor kosh says:

    oh my god, the dac on this phone is amazing! The only complaints i have about this phone are weight and size.

  5. slickproductionsTV says:

    Where do you find a case for the v8? Can't find any anywhere

  6. mdub0908 says:

    Thanks man. This was very very helpful. Was actually torn bw these 2 phones. Definitely getting one and now I know what to do. Thanks again

  7. KirschnerTech Reviews & More says:

    Very good honest review

  8. George Hayes Mobile Geezer says:

    I don't have the mini, but agree with you. Blade V8 Pro. I have the Axon 7, which I would recommend to anyone. Blade is awesome for the price though.