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The ZTE Axon 7 can’t be called a budget phone with specs and design like that. But there are a few things that need a little fixing.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. sdq sdq says:

    good spec but his brand really unknown ,sounds like it came out of space

  2. ocean fong says:

    Where can i buy this in Malaysia ? I'm thinking of walk in store purchase . Pls reply KlGadget Tv

  3. Iman Amin says:

    guyys go checkout ig hips.gadget they sell iphone 7 only for rm2000…

  4. Steven Goh Thuan Yung says:

    Is the speaker better than Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra?

  5. Shaun Lew says:

    What about battery life? Headphone jack output? Screen quality? Call quality? Front camera? Fingerprint scanner? Charging speed / time? You don't seem to include common experiences such as the ones poised above, simply saying that the battery life is good and charging is fast without comparisons or even a approx time doesn't really say much IMO. Tbh i expected better from Malaysia's most subscribed TECH channel. Wish you the best.