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ZTE Axon 7 Still a good buy?

Posted on August/7/2018 | Categories: Videos 18 Comments

In this video I go over If the Axon 7 from ZTE is still a good buy.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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18 Responses so far.


    Got this phone because stereo and Dac.
    1.stereo speakers
    2. Dac, music on this is awesome, audio game went up!
    3.Camera and video quality good (OpenCamera app)
    4.metal design, dropped and its all good.
    Also 1440p is good.

    The bad

    Software…no updates after december (oreo was canned)

    If u root,no problems then. (U need root to rid the ads)

  2. Klaas Jan Wolthuizen says:

    I first wanted to buy this phone but then suddenly LG G6 dropped so far in price that it was almost as cheap as ZTE axon 7 so I bought that one so if you want a new phone I can recommend checking out the LG G6

  3. Angel A-ones Roman says:

    Always wanted this device, copped it a month ago brand new on gearbest, shit is proper, should have gotten it sooner.

  4. Dice& Sho says:

    Watching this on my 1 yr old axon 7 gold

  5. WingManGT says:

    My trusty LG G2 died last week and have the Axon 7 on order. I still think the 250$ it cost at the moment new is still a better deal than the 2017 mid rangers with lesser specs :). So yeah, I think it is still worth getting in 2017

  6. Mose Man says:

    Definitely amazing device.And still damn time to see what the 8 brings. I had messenger conversation from Facebook with zte pitching the M..I asked or said I hoped that was not the next axon 7…they replied privately saying no…In fact there will be a second coming to the axon 7 due to it's praise ..That is all I got from them ..lol

  7. Lulu Sandoval says:

    Beast phone loved it

  8. Robert Clark says:

    Love this device… Still relevant, still amazing priced, still king of mids…no doubt… Agree with review ..

  9. Evzen Pour says:

    Please, what is the battery life with the latest update? I heard some people have problem with it. I'm considering buying this phone. Thanks!

  10. ydmf2 says:

    Love mine. Magnet dash mounts messed with the ois in the camera. Mine was going wonky for a while, then it fixed itself. Other than that, it has been great. Will be hard to go to a phone without good speakers.

  11. Robert Wilke says:

    Had to get this phone after both my 5X and LG G4 went to bootloop heaven. Was a little skittish about it. I have to say I was wrong. 7.1.2 after a few updates and this device is rocking.

    Has it been all peaches and cream? No, but nothing never is. I have a weird bug with the nfc and android pay where it keeps promoting me to pattern unlock or fp before it will work properly. It's annoying but not a deal breaker. That and knowing I have a two year warranty gives me peace of mind.

    ZTE has a Winner here and I hope its successor is as good if not better. If you need a solid phone for cost. You'd be hard pressed to find a better choice.

  12. shawn cypret says:

    Watching this video on the ZTE axon 7 mini

  13. Tanna Does Tech says:

    Great follow up video!!! #BACK2BACK

  14. awais ahmed says:

    They should go with onscreen navigation on the next Gen model smaller bezels and duol cameras and front firing speakers.

  15. Ronald Sims says:

    The beast of last year still can throw punches with the beasts of last year. I love it, the metal build, front facing speakers and it has a headphone jack. The camera doesn't suck anymore, although you can't install the Pixel camera app on it. Axon 8 is gonna rock next year.

  16. Ken Hoey says:

    You cant get an Axon 7 for $100 or even $150 they still run for $200+

  17. Hertzel Armengol says:

    Rocking it too since it came out, ZTE despite all the shortcomings and problems delivered, and I cannot wait for the true successor

  18. Hertzel Armengol says:

    Rocking it too since it came out, ZTE despite all the shortcomings and problems delivered, and I cannot wait for the true successor