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The ZTE Axon Elite is yet another variation of the ZTE Axon, which employs the distinguishable design of the latter. Apart from a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage + microSD card slot, and a 3,000mAh battery, the Axon Elite is also adorned with several biometric sensors. These allow you to unlock the phone with your fingerprint, with your voice, or by getting your retina scanned

Display 5.5-inch 1080p
Platform Android 5.0.2 with MiFavor 3.2
Processor 64 bit 8-core Qualcomm 810 2.0GHz
Memory 3GB RAM + 32GB internal storage + MicroSD slot
Battery 3000mAh with Quick Charge 2.0
Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900; EVDO BC0; TD-LTE Band 38/40/41; FDD-LTE Band 1/3/7/8/17/20
Rear camera 13MP + 2 MP
Front camera 8MP
Security Fingerprint sensor, Eye sensor, Voice unlock

ZTE axon elite review coming soon ! Stay tuned bro´s

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20 Responses so far.

  1. Shook Ones says:

    Oh shit guys. Great price here – it's for 165.99 USD with coupon code: ZTEGBS
    I hope it will be useful!

  2. the beast says:

    how do u multitask on this?

  3. FrenZie says:

    Meanwhile iPhone 6 costs $1000+

  4. Josh Mcdonald says:


  5. marklola12 says:

    ive never used adjust to focus stuff, I know no one who does use it…..its a gimmick

  6. Zwembad Sniper says:

    420? thats too expensive since the oneplustwo is only 400 for 64gb

  7. Zwembad Sniper says:

    the rom is bad but the phone itself looks great.

  8. Zwembad Sniper says:

    reminds me of the htc one x

  9. Din Drago says:

    can you do a review about the battery life??

  10. Jason Chan says:

    What will be the price range of this phone

  11. Mantix says:

    Im Tired of Timm 😀

  12. Jakub Naits says:

    Two cameras cool solution, option refocus looks interesting
    The rest is copied UMI IRON with thin frame 🙂

  13. Lionel Messigician says:

    Just a qick question are the speakers good:)?

  14. Damian Wright says:

    +itxtutor what happend to you makeing minecraft hacked videos

  15. Sebas M says:

    this blur feature in the camera, my nexus5 supports since i got it!

  16. Sebas M says:

    €419 is actually too expensive for me! even i bought my nexus 5 for €400, and im happy happier the happiest! 😁 with it.
    On the other hand there is build in an 810 snapdragon which is cool!
    But i dont need this expensive cameras on Smartphones, for me its an unnecessary price "increaser"….
    Hm, maybe i have to test it in my hands first! but this zte guys didnt talk about the most important EU country: Austria.
    so, will it come here too?

  17. Sebas M says:

    there are a few devices with dual sim and microSD!
    I will choose for an device which supports that all three Features!
    But i love the design of this zte! looks really good! ZTE i always had a high opinion of zte, even i dont know why!
    Eyes-scan like umi Iron?

    Unfortunately, if i hear:"for European market", i have to think:"expensive".

  18. Aaron Ajay says:

    0:13 😀 looks of the right guy

  19. Gary Pierantoni says:

    asus zenfone 2 has dual Sim slots and micro sd.. FYI since you said you don't know of a phone with both

  20. iMakeMagicHappen says:

    Help me reach 500 subs & i'll buy you ice cream 🙂