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ZTE Axon Pro Review

Posted on April/3/2016 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

With the recent introduction of its new flagship line here for the US, the ZTE Axon Pro is undoubtedly the result of many years of ambitious planning. Boasting a specs sheet that impresses on all fronts, the other remarkable part of this phone is the undercutting price point it’s been attached with. At only 0, it’s undeniably bred for stardom, but will it pay off in making ZTE a formidable force here?…

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12 Responses so far.

  1. kHAzZAd says:

    the one thing this phone stand the most is its sound from earpeace and that you didnt mention at all how come ?

  2. Dee Love says:

    Hey sexy

  3. Julie Willems says:

    he}, that's very kiod. aunt science what's happenjng.. 1!

  4. Wout Jacobs says:


  5. Imade Obazuaye says:

    what about the Vodafone smart ultra 6

  6. TD Tribe says:

    why does no one cares about Axon Lux?

  7. NikolaosLedZeppelin says:

    which are the differences between pro and elite?

  8. mholdr says:

    did I miss the part when you talked about the capacitive buttons???

  9. TreyMugzyMoses says:

    I do not recommend he does anymore reviews. 

  10. Edward Marshall says:

    hats off to ]ou! what's up, yr? store science what do you think?

  11. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed says:

    is it worth it

  12. Juan Sebastian Iglesias says:

    Yo! You're An Angel. entertain obtain