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ZTE Axon Pro review: eyes on a surprise

Posted on April/17/2016 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

Merry Christmas to you! Surprised about this review? We are too. Since we’re that close to CES 2016 and are looking forward to even tighter competition in the States this year, why not look back a second and see where ZTE stood with its first “outside-of-the-box” effort? After all and even now, we still have lessons to learn.

It’s our video review of the ZTE Axon Pro.


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19 Responses so far.

  1. Justin E says:

    I miss Michael Fisher's voice over and reviews.

  2. Chuck Jones says:

    This is a really bad review, prejudice against the Axon Pro, and for the insane crappy Oneplus Two.
    The customer service is never mention regarding Oneplus, why is that?
    The Axon Pro beats the sad Oneplus two in EVERY category.
    You don't mention the bug ridden Oxygen OS, why is that too?

  3. Solomon's Tech says:

    What a negative review wow

  4. Bob Play says:


    Marshmallows up.

    RAM issues have been fixed.

    Now as cheap as $329.

    Two months have made a huge difference.

  5. David W. says:

    It's February and still no marshmallow… Sorry but no.

  6. Aaron Johnson says:

    It's not to late for speech therapy guy. That LISSTH!!

  7. Peichen01 says:

    Wow, the body look so cheap and the panels don't fit flush.

  8. Yan says:

    the HI-FA audio is activated on wired headset only, and on either stream music or high end flac music like the two examples inside the phone. (~40ish migas) each, which means it should have SD card extension.

  9. kingfehran says:

    I bought this phone with 379$. 64gigs version and I can tell. it deserves its price.

  10. Benjamin Cepigulino says:

    sorry but i dont like your voice :(

  11. Bob Play says:

    Wait what's the difference between the pro and the axon?

    Theres two desperate devices on their website but they're the exact same…

  12. Kalrwek says:

    u pig?

  13. Chaotic Fung Shui says:

    Great review man. You just saved a lot of people $450.00+.

  14. Jordan Woolery says:

    Can't wait to see what Huawei brings to the table this year.

  15. AndrewTGreen says:

    Very nasally. Pacing is good. And you don't rush your intonation and delivery. You don't need surgey to overcome this.

  16. rabe3 alsett says:

    ur voic is cool and strong

  17. rabe3 alsett says:

    cool but we miss mickl fisher wher are u dude

  18. rabe3 alsett says:

    cool but we miss mickl fisher wher are u dude

  19. TheRabi1234 says:

    I like your voice dude…