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Buy it here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1DyKiD2
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Intro- 0:00
Tour of phone-4:04
Impressions 24 hours later-6:55

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10 Responses so far.

  1. webman1956 says:

    Nice review! Your opinion on a better deal, Axon Pro for $249 or Axon 7 for $399?

  2. Bryce Theobald says:

    Watching on my ZTE Axon Pro 64gb model chromium silver variant… it's a great phone it lives up to it price for sure… out of the box it runs 5.1.1 lollipop and gets 6.0 marshmallow when you go to software update amazing performance… main stream flagships or done its the era of flagships with great pricing and unlocked well worth 450$ from Bestbuy.com

  3. MR. Wedo says:

    is it dual sim card ?

  4. MR. Wedo says:

    is it dual sim card ?

  5. Jonathan Kelley says:

    Can you charge it wirelessly?

  6. ThienLong1218 says:

    How is the durability of the phone? I'm quite interested in the device but a few reviews have commented that the casing feels cheap, its not unibody, has plastic, etc.

    Have you dropped it at all? If so how did it handle those falls?
    There was one reviewer who really liked the phone, but ended up returning it because of QC defects etc.
    ZTE is a relatively unknown brand, at least to me, so can you comment on the longevity a bit more?

  7. Rens Versluijs says:

    Will the Axon Pro version be available in Europe, and what do you think of the elite version of this phone?

  8. RideOrDie says:

    how good is the battery?

  9. Bill McGovern says:

    Nice overview. I'll be particularly interested in the Hifi Audio aspect as well as your take on the 810 performance re heating. Thanks.

  10. AB Aldo Payardu says:

    I want this phone for Hi Fi audio alone.