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ZTE Axon Review!

Posted on March/21/2016 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

Buy at Amazon: http://geni.us/31bD | Full review & ratings: http://goo.gl/mKIRFz

Does the latest offering from ZTE prove to be the device the company needs to make a solid entry into the U? We find out, in this ZTE Axon Phone review!

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Rafael Leroux says:

    Hey thfre. A Job Well Donf! trail woman What's your opinion fbout

  2. Rita Jomakin says:

    can you set different ring tones, and notifications, for text messages for all contacts and can you save your pictures from text messages. and does it have the auto rotate 360

  3. Hairouna Empress says:

    I tested this out in the store …I couldn't get the front camera to turn around but the rear camera was fast as hell and clean…considering getting it or the a5

  4. Steven Kidd says:

    you're tops! sup yo" number attend what's your opinion about it, guyv !

  5. Unlovedhomie vantis says:

    you say axon phone but isnt this the "pro" version ? could be confusing people that want to buy this based on your review if its the wrong phone !!
    the link you posted links to the pro version btw

  6. xxX_MLGxMEMExNOxSCOPERXxx X says:

    Watching this on my ZTE Axon Pro 64gb that's now running Android 6.0. NOICE

  7. Aria - Kenshi says:

    Awesome phone! I have the cheaper version and it's still a good buy even with its flaws. The screen is great even on the 1080p version.

  8. Young I says:

    This peice of shit will get you bullied

  9. zach wright says:

    such a stunning phone.

  10. Mathis Goossens says:

    hey0 you're an aogel. summer test what do you tkink? !!!

  11. Spaghetti Johnson IV says:

    can you double tap it to turn it on?

  12. Tea says:

    Which one would be the best choice: This phone or the LG G Stylo?

  13. phoneec says:

    I don't like the camera key on the side, too easily activate accidentally