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ZTE Blade A2 Plus (A610 Plus) Review!

Posted on March/27/2018 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

Evolution Enterprises recently launched the ZTE Blade A2 Plus in Nepal for a price of Rs. 23,900 & here’s our take on the phone.
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Directed By: Subir Thapa
Reviewed By: Yankee Maharjan
Editor: Prakash Chhetri
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14 Responses so far.

  1. Rita Militsis says:

    Nice review but i can not follow you easily, your English is a bit complicated,so speak clear please.The phone is heavy,the screen is plastic , not the best someone can buy.The Alcatel idol 5 in similar price i also use, has better quality apart from the battery.regards,M.

  2. Carlos Muñiz says:

    I have one is very good

  3. George Argyris says:

    nice review but i can not understand your English.So,please speak clear and slow i can not follow you.

  4. hitesh pandya says:

    How good the perfomens are?
    And how the gaming is?
    Please reply beacuse i am looking for buy it.

  5. mahendra pal jangid says:

    good review yankiee. can you give your whatsapp no

  6. pavan khode says:

    100% perfect phone, I am using this,

  7. nonstop tips and tricks for all mobile says:

    Does the jio sim card work in this phone


    android N update available

  9. Kumar Kuna says:

    just bought this phone on flipkart for 7.5K 🙂

  10. karan sheth says:

    0:43 heavy gaming! really ? 😂😂😂

  11. DUDE Awesome says:

    Good 😍😍😍

  12. Techno mate says:

    How to get these phones and other gagates for making review

  13. Seema Karki says:

    great review

  14. Delta Digit says: