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ZTE Blade A711 Unboxing and Hands On

Posted on March/29/2016 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

WATCH THE REVIEW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qngiioJLN0
Emmanuel unboxes the ZTE Blade A711, a new entry into the mid range smartphone category

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Please watch: “Honor Band Z1 Unboxing/Hands on & Setup”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwlaSw4o650

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20 Responses so far.

  1. advir cara says:

    happy new year
    merry Christmas (Philippines)

  2. crisidro ramirez says:

    what's the purpose of mirror in the left side of the speaker rather in the upper?

  3. Brandon Paulus says:

    where did you bought this phone?

  4. Melody Yap says:

    what's the size of the simcard slot? I hope it's a micro sim size :/

  5. Alfren Del Moro Balanac says:

    Can you pls give us some audio/video recording quality. pls. Thank you!

  6. Rodin “pbDenzkie” Suniega says:

    good job sir,… i wonder if you ever heard of ULEFONE BE TOCUH 3, pls if you can… do make a review of it.
    thank you… :)

  7. fiqalakeem says:

    are this phone have EIS (image stablizer)

  8. Alou Camille Sabado says:

    Nice review. 🙂 It is so brief.

  9. toshi pukhez says:


  10. Geremia Jerry says:

    what is the best phone for gaming? geekception answer pls

  11. Jhaz Doctolero says:

    Wait… there's no earphones included?

  12. Joshua Ferrer says:

    thanks bro. i always find a phone that have good specs with low price. well done!

  13. Sam Kuek says:

    Hi, thanks for the review. i am in Malaysia, phone received on 18-12-2015 and version is N939Sc_ASCommon_1.05. So far phone not giving any problem.

  14. Brian Umoh says:

    Nice unboxing and hands on video bro…. How did you celebrate your christmas??

    A question though, what was your worst YouTube moment/experience in 2015

  15. Muhd Azry says:


  16. Hakimi Hanan says:

    +geekception Cant wait for the 5 days review. One question. Do you ever blink? Its hard to see your eyes blink. Heheh. Just joking myfriend. Happy holiday :)

  17. Go DashGames says:

    Nice video ! I like to see Some phones that aren't so popular but are sometimes very impressive good!

  18. The Nerd Herd says:

    Good job as always!

  19. Dipa Putra Hadi says:

    in indonesia zte a711 have a lot problems, is in your country have same problems too?

  20. Muhammad Shafi says:

    alcatel flash 2,bro