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ZTE Blade Benchmark – Quadrant test

Posted on December/18/2010 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

Who said Blade wasn’t powerful? Your score: 1032

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9 Responses so far.

  1. starlored says:

    I have been looking at this phone there seems to be a lot with custom roms 2.2. I s it as good as it looks. As in are the benchmark scores accruate.

    I have currently got a pulse that scored VERY low 158. The only reason for asking is because this is a budget/cheap phone when compared to the nexus one etc.

  2. amzke says:

    Can anyone help me out
    Basicly ive flashed my zte blade and all that succesfully, month back
    just yesterday my display colours have been cuasing a problem, and i would like to send back to orange to get it replaced, BUT i have no idea on how to revert it back to settings which were already uploaded as it came out of the box, could you help me please inbox or message here would be grateful.
    Thank you.

  3. vectraB97 says:

    Amazing score for a budget phone that is almost free.. my old samsung Spica struggle to get more than 320 on quadrant.. samsung software is a joke, and the “800mhz” cpu in Spica is crap.. my desire hd normally score 1960 on quadrant.. I hope there will be a official Gingerbread update to zte blade… because I am getting one for outdoors activities.. desire hd is to expensive when I go riding snowmobile or fishing..

  4. mikeeo19 says:

    I got 1181 on my CM7 nightly 20 overclocked @691

  5. mikeeo19 says:

    I got 1157 on my CM7 Nightly 20 Overclocked @672 =OO

  6. giannismaurokouk says:

    @rikuumiu 710mhZ it’s a good clock and doesn’t crash…

  7. interes86 says:

    @asdnaattori When you watch the video you can see that it takes 0sec in Video decoding H.264 test it might be fixed in CM7 but 0sec isnt normal.

  8. asdnaattori says:

    @interes86 Dunno about that. All I’m saying is that stagefright is fixed in CM7

  9. interes86 says:

    @asdnaattori Are you saying that its faster than Samsung Galaxy S in H.264 Video decoding?