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ZTE Blade III PRO (3) Review

Posted on April/3/2018 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

ZTE Blade III (3) Pro Review

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ZTE Blade III (3) Pro Review

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– Camera Review / Test (5 mp camera with flash and autofocus) + front camera,panorama mode
– Performance test (games – Temple Run 2,no lags)
– Browser Performance test
-System information :
-Android 4.1.2 system
-Adreno 203 GPU
-1.2 Dual Core Processor Cortex A5
Zte blade 3 III Pro review Zte skate pro reviewing the new zte blade 3 pro III

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Jerry Lee says:

    i have this phone n i have admit, its pure shit! nothing works ok. i know its not galaxy or iphone but at least i want to work programs that it have.

  2. Android poon says:

    Someone menage to root, and unroot this phone?

  3. AndroidFTW says:

    No, I don't have any problems with the screen, the phone gets hot only if playing hard games for long, and no I don't play with the charger connected.
    If you are playing games with the charger connected, that's the reason why it gets hot 🙂
    You can acually try to factory reset your phone by holding the volume up button while powering it on,then use the volume keys to go up or down and then factory reset it.Use the power button to select 🙂 It may work, give it a try 🙂

  4. Marek Marek says:

    You have problems with screen ?? In my Blade after gaming when Phone is hot i have yellow puffs in the White Screen ; / I Have the phone three days . You Phone is Hot after gaming ? You play with connected Charger ?

  5. TheStefan2fast says:

    Is it true that the phone is heating very fast and restarting,and the battery is very low doesnt last 24 h ?

  6. AndroidFTW says:

    Holo launcher 🙂

  7. AndroidFTW says:

    I have a tutorial video on how to make your android phone faster.Link in description 🙂

  8. AndroidFTW says:

    Yes it does 🙂

  9. Vladi Todorov says:

    Try that: zteblade3com/how-to-root-the-zte-blade-3/

  10. Eli Trajcevska says:

    does anyone has a problem with the battery, I boughted it this morning and it had 25% battery and after 2 hours it died. And now i got it out of the charger and after 3 minutes it showed me that I have 95% and 4 hours left. Please help me

  11. AndroidFTW says:

    & cache cleaner

  12. Aleksandar Ilievski says:

    What are those two widgets of the right and left from advanced task killer .?

  13. Slobodan Boshkov says:

    How much ram memory is available to use ?? 🙂

  14. AndroidFTW says:

    Actually I tried many ways to root it but no success 🙁

  15. AndroidFTW says:

    Advanced task killer 🙂

  16. Petar Zikovski says:

    what task killer do you have?

  17. AndroidFTW says:

    Actually its 290 USD in total – 220 EUR 🙂

  18. internet person says:

    wat 220$ euros of dollars

  19. AndroidFTW says:

    Of course 🙂 I'll upload the video later 😀 I'll name it "Top 5 Zombie Games for android" and one of those games is gonna be Dead Trigger 😀