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v1.20 – multilanguage (english,hungarian,serbian)
v1.10 – multilanguage (english,hungarian)

ZTE Blade III – WorldEndBefore custom rom

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Alexander Nadrilyanski says:

    This is one of the best custom ROM for ZTE Blade 3, is just like an the Stock ROM… I have no word's…
    How to Overclock it, did we have to install AnTuTu Benchmark v3.0.3? Or other kernel… and how to install and the other kernel?

  2. Alexander Nadrilyanski says:

    OK, tnx… you are AWESOME (y)

  3. apeelme says:


  4. apeelme says:

    No, do not lose unlocking.

  5. Alexander Nadrilyanski says:

    Now when i have install sucessufully this ROM, and when i install all settings with this MOD did i going to lose CRT screen animation?

  6. Alexander Nadrilyanski says:

    OK, tomorow i will go to the service to unlock my ZTE Blade 3… When he was unlock my device did i can install CWM and other custom ROM withouth losing an Unlocked network branding?

  7. apeelme says:

    Please use only for WorldEndBefore custom rom!

  8. Alexander Nadrilyanski says:

    Did i gonna have installed WorldEndBefore custom rom to install this MOD?

  9. Tibor Farkas says:

    Meg is tettem de semmi 🙁 Lehet megpróbálom másik gépen!
    Most már az is a hiba hogy valamiért nem ismeri fel a pc…. 🙁
    De azért köszönöm!!!