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ZTE Blade running Android 3.0 honeycomb

Posted on July/30/2010 | Categories: Videos 5 Comments

zte blade running android 3.0

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5 Responses so far.

  1. ultim8solja1 says:

    @skullfcuk hi why did you flash your blade to gen 2? is it better?

  2. skullfcuk says:

    I tried this also, and was well impressed. Have flashed my Blade to Gen2 now, running CM7 7.0.2. It’s almost tempting to buy another Blade just to experiment with this now 😀

  3. leepaul707 says:

    @ultim8solja1 And I was about to try putting that on my san francisco XD

  4. zegroovatron says:

    @ultim8solja1 oh ok, thank you for your help

  5. ultim8solja1 says:

    @zegroovatron its not really stable its basically turns your phone into a android tablet like the motorola xoom and it has no calling feature when i found out i changed back to cyanogenmod 7