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Comebuy Onlineshop: http://www.comebuy.com/handys-om49971.html
28€ Discount Coupon for only 192.99 Euro Freeshipping with speicial coupon: comebuyblades6VL
Shipping from HK begins on Feb. 14.
Shipping from Germany begins on Feb. 17.
Review: http://www.chinahandy.cc/zte-blade-s6-das-neue-smartphone-zte-erste-lollipop-in-chinahandy-testbericht/
5 inch HD Display
Processor Qualcomm 615 eight-core 1.5GHz
2GB of RAM
13 MP rear camera and front 5 MP
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Battery 2400 mAh

Comebuy will be in charge of the Global premiere of ZTE BLADE S6 in the AliExpress platform
(http://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/Germany-Warehouse-ZTE-Blade-S6-5-Inch-IPS-1-5Ghz-Android-5-0-Qualcomm-Octa-Core/1228110_32279731377.html), and comebuy online shop (http://www.comebuy.com). And the products are directly delivered from Germany.

PRICE: 249.99$

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Didar Naseh says:

    sometimes I feel my hands burning

  2. Didar Naseh says:

    hello. I don't know why my blade S6 so hot when I use it. it's like heater

  3. chaotic lagend says:

    why my zte blade s6 dont have gesture and motion..not ori?

  4. Josh Rose says:

    Hey, what's up?$ You're $1! dependent soap 11

  5. Mario S says:

    Good size 5" is balanced size but I would like to have FHD display 1080p and a finger lock reader. Then I would be a well balanced phone!

  6. Chloe XOXOX (clo) says:

    hi how's the sound quality loud clear ect?

  7. ‫ביירות מחאמיד‬‎ says:

    did anybody have a problem with the notifications ??

  8. FlorinU says:

    Please tell ZTE that white is NOT the new black? We want a black (or at least grey) color option, too!  This is only available in white and pink! What were they thinking?

  9. Gino Guillermo says:

    Does it come with Android Lollipop out of the box? Does it have DTS or Dolby Mobile? How does ZTE intend to push updates to UK/EU users?

  10. Ahmed Magdy says:

    what about the front camera ?

  11. Rici Walrav says:

    Hallo Guis in You will klick here
    YouTube van have Freeware Google Player Codes

  12. Subzerouk2 says:

    You can take the back cover off ive done it with mine 

  13. CodeSchwarz says:

    Is this a review or an advertisement?

  14. Joseph Lee says:

    Hello everyone got a special coupon from Comebuy 28€ Discount Coupon for only 192.99 Euro Freeshipping with speicial coupon: comebuyblades6VL

    Here: http://www.comebuy.com/handys-om49971.html

  15. NiqueSir says:

    Where are you filming this, in a cave? 

  16. Eoghan ó Cuana says:

    I purchased the phone from Aliexpress for 249 USD it runs very smoothly and the camera is excellent. Very happy and would defiantly recommend to everyone 

  17. Giorgos Vlisidis says:

    Phone used by Greek live in Aigaio city, near Patra….
    ha ha ha

  18. Lui be kingin says:

    Wanna be iphone6 Cx