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Apps, Browsing, Multitasking & Camera (09:00) Test of S6 Blade & Mi4i!
S6 Blade for next day delivery on Amazon: UK – http://goo.gl/jKbaFu — US: http://amzn.to/1HG7rC1

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Fockerlized says:

    I'm really considering buying this phone although I'm worried what the back of the phone might feel like; in past reviews I've heard it's plastic and feels cheep. Can someone confirm? Also does it feel really cheap or are people just over exaggerating?

  2. siylvia so-subSaharan says:

    SPEED can be affected by the storage of the phone…maybe 1 phone got alot of data i.e.pix, apps, video or any content saved on it…when using the phone not browsing the Internet

  3. Serhii HODOSSS says:

    Yes good phone http://ali.pub/zdk6p

  4. Billy Reynolds says:

    Mi4 does not run Lollipop, the new version of MIUI, Version 7 is going to be Lollipop, the Mi4 is running MUIU 6 4.4.4 which is still KitKat.


  5. Hugo de Heer says:

    Right know the LG G3 is almost as cheap as the LG G2. LG G2 is 278 euro's, and LG G3 is 300 euros. I am considering buying the LG G2 because of the better battery life. Do you know Any better phone when my budget is 300 euros? Im looking for a good battery life, great processor and it would be wonderful if it has a 1080P screen!

  6. Rayi Angger says:

    is your xiaomi mi4i in the lastest update (6.6.6) ? coz i feel that the update (6.6.6) make mi4i little bit faster to open apps~

  7. kieran89cpt says:

    I think the Sony M4 aqua will perform better than both these devices. Sony seems to optimise their phones pretty well. I would rather buy a Sony M4 cos Sony is more likely to update their handsets to Android M in the future. 

  8. Gino Guillermo says:

    Liking my ZTE Blade S6.: I've been sending my suggestions and bug reports to the company and I hope they will update and incorporate my suggestions with the next big update which is 5.1. But great video mate. Thanks.