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ZTE Blade Spark Review: A $70 Steal!!!

Posted on June/5/2018 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

ZTE Blade Spark Review: Worth ?

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Vela Baybee says:

    😋🤗That's a bargain for $70👏🐞🌼

  2. Rory Suire says:

    Doesn't support adobe reader and adobe apps does not work either on this phone

  3. charlie puthfan says:

    70 dollars? hmmm

  4. Sami Katt says:

    I had this phone. Didn't like it. My first Blade Spark overheated and died after less than a month with normal use. The replacement wasn't very much better. The rep at the AT&T store recommended that phone. Never listen to them again.

  5. Kenny heoen says:

    I got mine for 30$ had it for a good few months now tho

  6. Blanco says:

    done buying $800+ "flagship" 8 and 10 core phones, not necessary

  7. King of The Castle says:

    how about the Huawei ascend XT2? what are your thoughts on that phone?

  8. Simply Shaye says:

    The camera is pretty great in my opinion don't do much gaming if i want to play games i'll play a ps4 or something

  9. Preston Holt says:

    I'm getting this for Christmas and not even on sale it's $49 😁

  10. KDS1000 says:

    Just bought new at BestBuy via eBay for $59.99. This is an excellent gift for my 71 year old mother.

  11. Fix my name says:

    I have one there amazing

  12. ram_man rock says:

    I'm rocking the ZMAX PRO the spark is definitely a nice phone. Amazing how ZTE has come to the US market with budget quality phones. I was with LG for many years I'm sold to ZTE.

  13. Leo Fernandez says:

    T Mobile too?

  14. Bighouse Productions says:

    I've had this device for a couple of months, It's well worth $99 but for $70 this is a steal!!!