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For more ZTE Blade gameplay check out him: www.youtube.com

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Uunimaggara says:

    i got zte blade few days ago its new but games like angry birds lagg very much on it does anybody have an edivce that helps it run smoothly?

  2. Gunkrutt says:

    @MrTHEend654 Xperia Arc ???

  3. MrTHEend654 says:

    @ntt4rz i think it might not be better than the x10 however i think it could be better than the other xperia phones

  4. LolzMan7756 says:

    @xenover yes

  5. xenover says:

    does it pinch-2-zoom ?

  6. vihar1 says:

    @Oliver1000ful Not at the time this video was made.

  7. Oliver1000ful says:

    Have you rooted your phone?

  8. vihar1 says:

    @ntt4rz it’s sensitive enough, don’t worry. Buy it, it won’t make you disappointed. 🙂

  9. ntt4rz says:

    @vihar1 but the screen sensitive is smooth right? you dont have to press like an idiot just to click on example web browser?
    Sorry for asking these question =P
    i’m planing to buy one for myself =)

  10. vihar1 says:

    @ntt4rz Most games run smoothly especially with 2.2. Do not expect Galaxy S or Iphone performance (in 3D) though but a casual player will definitely enjoy playing games.
    I am satisfied with the touchscreen but I do not have any experience with X10.

  11. ntt4rz says:

    @vihar1 but it will run games smootly?

    how is the touch screen? please tell me its better than xperia x10 and all the xperia series becuase their touch sensitive is bad.

  12. vihar1 says:

    @ntt4rz this video was shot with 256MB RAM. Since then it turned out this limitation was due to a sw bug and the device has 512MB, however, it could not utilise it at the time this video was made. The camera has 3.2Mpix.

  13. ntt4rz says:

    how many mb do you have?? whats your phone camera? 3.2M or 5M?

  14. landmine217 says:

    i got angry birds on the android market

  15. letsu966 says:

    where gets games for ZTE blade??