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Orange San francisco + google uk satnav+skype+android+ youtube

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6 Responses so far.

  1. TheSuperdrymovies says:

    This is Android 2.1 land, which means multiple Home screens and widgets. But there is also an Orange land, which means Orange skinning, Orange apps and some Orange-specific widgets.
    There are five Home screens, and you sweep between them with your finger as usual. A press of the Home button takes you to the central Home screen. Each of the Home screens has a fixed set of four icons along the bottom, which give you access to the full apps menu, messaging, the dialler and contacts.

  2. TheDombo456 says:

    I’m getting this phone in a few days but i was wondering, does it have a drag down status bar?? Please reply asap. Thanks

  3. TheSuperdrymovies says:

    To be honest I dont know, sorry, I just chose the track from you tube audio collection.

  4. danisepecasqua says:

    Genial sound – I NEED TO IDENTIFY what it is??! Please, help me. 😀

  5. danisepecasqua says:

    What is the music used in this demo, could you send me the link on it? Please. 🙂

  6. TheSuperdrymovies says:

    Yes you do need to pay for internet, nowadays most of the uk network does give you internet for monthly fee of 7 to 10 pound, box contains 2 gb micro sd card plus headset and usb cable with power adapter