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ZTE Blade V7 hands-on

Posted on February/26/2018 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

The V7 is one of the latest additions to ZTE’s Blade series and is all about great looks, decent specs, and affordable pricing. From what ZTE tells us, it’ll be sold in over 50 countries, but unlikely to step on US soil.

Read more: http://www.phonearena.com/news/ZTE-Blade-V7-hands-on_id78716

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Gary Stinten says:

    when's nougat arriving for the lite?

  2. Akhmal Faizal says:


  3. PEPSIMAX2018 says:

    all ZTE are long durability products of course i will pay 300 euros for this beauty !

  4. Boost4Life says:

    I love it but the problem is its probably gonna cost 300-350 euros. No way can it cost 175 like Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 for example

  5. Zaid BoomBoomPow says:

    i wanna see your face

  6. Clous von says:

    Jesus the front is dead on iPhone, not a bad thing from a hardware view but totally unoriginal, which is the whole point of having a nice phone, so it's a fail

  7. Operator says:

    ZTE to Foxconn "Hey fellas, you know you make that there iphone 6s?, well can you just move the camera a bit and slap a ZTE badge on it? Nice one, thanks"

  8. harshtree says:

    Doesn't it look like Huawei G8/GX8?

  9. idanoclo says:

    :33 do peeps really hold the phone like that

  10. tee K says:

    Can't wait to see someone argue about how this doesn't look like a iPhone…