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ZTE Blade Video-test – Dark [QVGA/240p]

Posted on June/19/2011 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

Got the ZTE Blade today and I have to say, for it’s price (to me 0€) it’s a real kick ass Android phone, films pretty well in dimly lit situations though it’s grainy, haven’t touched to settings like compression yet (this was done in MPEG4)… ^___^

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3 Responses so far.

  1. awesomo95 says:

    Vastaa tähän videoon..dude your hilarious 😀 as you can see, this thing actually records something, unlike my proper camera and i give kudos for this :DDDD

  2. cdROOTatNIX says:

    @awesomo95 When I filmed this, I was accustomed to the camera placement of HTC Touch Diamond (Top center) instead of Top right-corner in Blade… xD

  3. awesomo95 says:

    here is the sunset, oh shit i put my finger over the apperature :DDDD