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In today’s video I share with you my experience using the ZTE blade x max for the past 4 weeks and let you know if I still recommend this device thanks for watching and please subscribe for more future videos

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18 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Tech says:

    Thanks for watching everyone and yes I definitely still recommend this device after 4 weeks great features and performance for $100- $150🖒✌

  2. Skyethur says:

    is there coverage travelling from sfo to oregon with cricket?

  3. Casper Tha G says:

    good video. but it's basically a Zmax Pro that released a year ago.

  4. Matthew Clardy says:

    any issues with video or music randomly pausing? it has done it 3 times since watching this video

  5. Ric Sandoval says:

    we appreciate u posting an update on the ZTE Blade X max! thnx PaulTech!

  6. Killer_ Gamer says:

    Can you make a video about two free phone deal on metropcs Lg k20

  7. Sandra weinstock says:

    My zte blade keeps freezing..not sure if I want anymore zte phones

  8. Ken Goudy Jr says:

    Hey Paul would you take this phone over the Moto g4 even though the Moto G4 has the Nougat update?

  9. Dawnelle Wyman says:

    can you do Nova for dummies video. I have never used it but it looks awesome

  10. nicholas Akubariki says:

    Will never buy another zte after the zte zmax pro not even for $1

  11. damolin77 says:

    Great video Paul One question about some youtube videos going black have you tried a different app like float tube to see if its the offical youtube app or the phone becauae on my lg stylo H631 i was having the problem and on my Zmax Pro as well just a few weeks a go and with the float tube app i don't seem to get it

  12. Yeshua is Fire says:

    is the zte blade x max for T-Mobile?

  13. Purple cute owls says:

    LG Artisto has multi window

  14. L Dwayne says:

    Are you going to be doing a review of the Stylo 3 Plus,At the Metro Pcs stores in my area the phone is not selling well at all like the first one did or the Stylo 2 plus

  15. DisneyChannelFlow says:

    I want the Max XL because of the big battery

  16. Rudegamekiller Sierra says:

    I have this phone and its a beast for the price man. if you like to listen to music this definitely the best phone I've listened to music with. it's loud clear and crisp bass is also really good. I even traded my Alcatel Idol 4 for this sounds way better than that. amazing phone also great video man!

  17. Dylan Show Gaming says:

    i want to buy this phone thanks

  18. ricky stewart says:

    one more question why is the LG Stylo 3 has 720p but TMobile and boost Mobile has 1080p