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ZTE Blade X Max Hidden Features Front Selfie Flash Light Secret Hidden Gallery Settings Side Menu Magic Tech Review Official Website
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20 Responses so far.

  1. Jesse dominguez says:

    magic tech ninjas

  2. tonya stout says:

    does this phone have a gallery

  3. Michel Linschoten says:

    The camera recording sound is harsh and plain shit….i got this phone, i love the camera quality but the sound/mic is horrible!

  4. Karla Rangel says:

    How can I change the font style!?

  5. Kerri Fisher says:

    Thanks for sharing 👍👍

  6. Paul Ashton says:

    But phone Eva period.

  7. Savanna Jo Guevara says:

    Can you please compare blade vs iPhone X

  8. LĪTĒRĀ L says:

    Witch is better z max or x max

  9. bill2526 bill2526 says:

    Please take a shower your is really greasy….lmfaoo

  10. fwacfred says:

    Thanks, Just got one last week. Learned a lot. #mtn

  11. AgustinXD Bruh says:

    Can someone grant me my wish of getting this phone. No? Oh it's alright:-

  12. Charles Charles says:

    Cut you nasty ass fingernails you fucking fagot

  13. Street B says:

    And you can go rite into dildoby auto.hahahaha@3:50

  14. Goldies24 says:

    John – I only get 1 bar or less of reception at my place. Some videos talk about setting the Network Mode to CDMA (3G) but I don't see that on my Blade X Max Android 7.1.1. Ideas ? Thanks

  15. Todd Barraza says:

    What is the best kick stand for the big phones ? Best grip and so it wont feel huge since some phones from zte are huge to begin with.

  16. Deb Montague says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  17. Aallec 12 says:

    Ima get one today :^)

  18. Ashley Goebel says:

    can the phone do caller announcement

  19. Todd Mianulli says:

    #magictechninjas…thanks for the info on the Blade X Max…now they just need to fix some of the software issues….

  20. masterofthemoon says:

    cool John, Magic Tech Ninjas hehe