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Here’s my review of the ZTE Blade X Max for Cricket WIreless after using it for a month. You really can’t go wrong for 0 – 0.

Get it here: http://mycrk.it/2sMFlTV
More info: https://www.zteusa.com/blade-x-max

01:23 – Performance
04:55 – Software
10:46 – Display
13:13 – Design
16:08 – Battery Life
17:41 – Camera
19:54 – Audio
21:36 – Calling, Messaging & Connectivity
22:08 – Lifestyle Features
22:21 – Conclusion

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8 Responses so far.

  1. MayitoTek says:

    very nice man!! I am with you 2GBs of RAM is going to be an issue for multitasking. I am sure is great for basic user.

  2. ksalbrecht88 says:

    So this is basically a marginally different version of Metro PCS' ZTE ZMax Pro which I bought when it came out in August 2016. The design of the phones are identical… except that the ZMax Pro has a blue matte blue kinda rubbery textured back & this one is glossy blue. They both have 6" displays, 1080p, 367ppi… The CPU on this new ZTE phone is better along with the GPU which is a Adreno 505 vs the ZMax Pro's Adreno 405. They both have the exact same cameras front & rear. Both have same size battery, RAM & 32GB storage. ZTE surely has the right plan to provide a decent budget phone. I still have my ZMax Pro just to have as a back up… though I am considering grabbing one of these… because why not? They are really decent phones for $100.

  3. Elinore J says:

    Very thorough in-depth review, thanks!

  4. Daniel Francis says:

    great review, for the price you can't go wrong and a fingerprint sensor wow

  5. matt conner says:

    watching this on my blade x max

  6. Matt Josephson says:

    ZTE rules. Much more bang for your dollar.

  7. Dawnelle Wyman says:

    Can you do a video on tips and tricks for the blade x max thank you

  8. Steve Worman says:

    What a fantastic review Grant. One of the best tech reviewers on YouTube for sure. My top three tech channels are yours, Myproject13 and Donovan (in no particular order) 🙂