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ZTE Blade X Max vs ZTE Zmax Pro Speed Test

Posted on May/13/2018 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

Today’s video is a speed test between the ZTE blade x max versus the ZTE zMAX Pro thanks for watching and please subscribe for more future videos
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16 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Tech says:

    Thanks for watching everyone🖒 ZTE Blade X Max vs ZTE Zmax Pro either way there both Amazing devices✌

  2. Johnnie Johnson says:

    I'm thinking about getting the zte xmax does the screen still black out when playing YouTube videos?

  3. Nigga Proceed says:

    My Zte Zmax Pro charger burnt into my phone

    What the hell

  4. Robert Moore says:

    ever have any screen issues with the Zmax Pro?

  5. Killerhub93 says:

    The x blade. Is not correct. It supposed to have dual cameras in the left side. Of it.

  6. Justme23 Love says:

    I have the zmax pro. sadly my phone charger port messed up and Im trying to see is it safe for me to get the zte blaze they don't have any more of the zte zmax pro

  7. WillWork2 FISH says:

    Battery life?

  8. Brian Stewart says:

    I'll take the original Zmax Pro over this and all the rest of the copycats that have been released since

  9. Pascual Solorzano says:

    I have both phones i think zmax pro is better. It's faster too..

  10. _Heathers Art_ says:

    How do you get rid of the metro pcs logo on the notification bar?

  11. Immortal Brandon HF says:


  12. Alex Alejandre says:

    I've heard alot of bad reviews for this Blade phone… Lagging freezing … Look into your Buyer reviews before u buy it just looking out for u guys

  13. MarzNet256 says:

    ZMAX PRO was the best phone for the money in 2016 IMO. $100 at Metro PCS. One problem I've had is with the volume buttons becoming less responsive. Downloaded a free app called Volume and it solves the problem. Also, I've dropped it about 10x (5x on cement/tile) with a cheap $10 slim case. It has survived all the drops with no damage or scratches.

  14. Alton Kilbourne says:

    you push the geekbench first on the blade x max

  15. Angelic Hybristophiliac says:

    My zmax pro screen looks way better and I like the transparent drop menu better as well of course it's older so it's 1sec slower for a 1year older phone

  16. Jimmy Foster says:

    Do you think the new ZTE blade x max for metro will get root