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ZTE Blade Zmax vs. ZTE Zmax Pro | Geek Bench 4 Test

Posted on February/13/2019 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

ZTE Blade Zmax vs. ZTE Zmax Pro | Geek Bench 4 Test!

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6 Responses so far.

  1. General Chris Gaming says:

    my ZTE BLADE is so much faster than my ZTE ZMAX by a land slide

  2. Badboy DCX says:

    There so similar Zmax pro sucks at running games MC5 can’t play on it and since the update battery drains fast asf

  3. WhoaOasis says:

    Which is better for gaming and feels more premium, the blade zmax has a bigger screen, better display, but weaker proccesor, but its battery life is better???? HELP

  4. Troy Wright says:

    Crystal clean video TR keep it up bro and the Blade got me speechless really enjoying it coming from a 5'3 in display

  5. themidnightorb says:

    hey TR, which one feels heavier, The blade Zmax or the Zmax Pro?. kind of a weird question lol, but I'm curious about the weight of Phones.

  6. templar k says:

    Hi does the ZTE blade zMAX have the same touch issues as the pro did and stil does…… I tested one at the store and it worked fine is there anything to be worried about with this one?