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Zte Boost Max vs LG G Stylo ( Boost Mobile )

Posted on August/21/2018 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Checkers Lane says:

    Anyone know How I can record a telephone call on Boost max plus?

  2. Nick Marra says:

    where did you get those wallpapers

  3. Grim Savage says:

    what's up with the hello kitty alarm clock?

  4. SmoothnSavvy says:

    Amazon is selling <new> LG Stylo for $110

  5. wH4tS DoPe says:

    people on boost mobile that got the lg g stylo felt "short" u should of got it on metro pcs insted….i was about to make that mistake but good thing i got it on metro pcs

  6. Meicy Oliver says:

    hey where did u get those wallpapers from?

  7. KIGHT44 says:

    Do the LG got NFC

  8. Sleeping carrot says:

    I really like watching your videos and I gave it a thumbs up but it would be cool if you talked about which phone allows you to personalize it more because when I buy phone that's one of my main concerns

  9. Jakeeya jones says:

    Idk if its just me or does it look like you have the brightness down on the Lg G Stylo & the brightness up on the Zte Max.

  10. xxBXTxx says:

    I like this review and u just got a new

  11. Ricoo says:

    There are alot of cheap phones that let you record in upload in 1080p (HD)
    You should try one, Thats why i use until i get my camera.

    Ill be getting the lg stylo btw

  12. Chris Isaman says:

    They striped this version of the lg g stylo tmobile version is alot better.its to slow and don't have enough storage 2gb of free storage. I only had this phone a d a y and I'm going to return it

  13. Bill Bradley says:

    The people who are saying the stylo is slow must be talking about the boost mobile network. I'm guessing it's network congestion and not the phone . The memory is not a big issue i have a 16gb tablet. The camera is a issue 13mp on T-Mobile and metro and on Boost and sprint 8mp. I would say the boost version is the best deal right now only because best buy has the boost version on sale for 149.99 it's a deal to me because i would prefer a nexus 6 but will make do with a stylo .

  14. D.J. KEYS says: