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ZTE Boot Loop Fix

Posted on August/27/2017 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

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11 Responses so far.

  1. DAVOK MAY says:

    ya if the phone is stuck in boot loop you cant do any of the shit your saying so wtf

  2. Shadae _jamqueen says:

    so i dont know if this will work with all phones but i have a zte zmax pro and it kept rebooting every 5 seconds what i did was continued to hold the volume up and the power off button until some funny looking words came up then i pressed wipe cache and reset like five million times until the battery went out at this time my phone was over heating due to the continuous activity so i placed it in the freezer for 15mins when i took it out the reboot loop stopped so i charged it but it started again so i unplugged it then i re-plugged it then it started to charge without the continuous restarting when it got to 20% i attempted to turn it on it did but it got stuck on the whats it called page (where only the network logo came up) i restarted it again and this time it loaded perfectly without problems….. then i downloaded an antivirus shit and voila!!! i dont know shit about phones i normally do the hit until work method but this is what i did maybe its luck maybe its pure genius it worked for me hopefully it helps someone else

  3. tattooist lilchris says:

    having the same problem with my ZTE also my friends that have it have the same problem I've came to a conclusion that ZTE is just SHIT! plain and simple just get a Samsung or LG

  4. james max says:


  5. Michael Beachum says:

    if it has a Android OS then yes. it isn't likely has a Android OS since it is a ZTE. you may have to look up what the button command is to get into recovery mode.

  6. Franz Ian Arah says:

    Mine is a ZTE Blade A711 and is on a bootloop… Can it be resolved using the same process?

  7. carlos music says:

    Where are the zte drivers

  8. Роман Никтовичь says:


  9. Al says:

    HTF am I going to do all this shit? My phone is BRICKED!

  10. SyndicateDigital says:

    i cant turn on safe mode because my phone keeps getting stuck at the zte logo (zte blade III), anyone know the solution, would i be able to do this in fmv mode?

  11. David H says:

    HELLO??!!?? Phone is stuck on boot screen… so your video needs to be re-done and re-worded