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ZTE Booth Tour @ CTIA 2010

Posted on February/25/2011 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

Aaron visits the ZTE Booth at CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas. Between phones, home electronics, and netbooks, the company is working hard to expand its US marketshare. Forums: forums.phonedog.com Win Free Phones www.phonedog.com More Videos: www.phonedog.com

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14 Responses so far.

  1. aznpatrik00 says:


  2. aznpatrik00 says:


  3. DoggMasterH says:

    @USConnexion actually it’s a Chinese company so even if you get anything then it will be maybe Peking Duck or spring rolls.

    P.S Nevertheless you’re fucking hilariuos xDDDDD

  4. jxguy says:

    just talk no action ? ? ?

  5. seauryakumar says:

    try LEODEE’s channel also
    you’ll fall asleep watching them too…

  6. danfrisco says:

    Thanks phonedog! I can just loop that guys voice into my iPhone and should be able to fall asleep in no time. Goodnight everybody!

  7. XAnonymousdX says:

    The names sounds stupid! Wtf is Blade and Smooth? They just went into a dictionary and looked for random names. If you gonna say that it’s called the Blade because it’s slim, then actually make it slimmer than the Nexus One.

  8. XAnonymousdX says:

    The slideout numeral keypad is a Sony Ericsson wannabe.

  9. iDiggMGL says:

    1:07 is a Pre’ wannabe.

  10. hunkashoo says:

    the R352 and the N290 scream Nokia ripoff!

  11. ps13215033 says:

    the company will die if all of the salesman are like that

  12. Pokadrumographer says:

    I think this phone company could do somewhat well in the market, because all the phone pretty much have a simmular look that is very popular right now. I just want to see its interface.

  13. MalcolmsonStudios says:

    He has the most boring voice. it drones on and on and is to slow @:)

  14. alexchiu says:

    i like zte , hopefully the quality will improve with this line up