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ZTE Chorus (Cricket Wireless)

Posted on July/20/2017 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

The ZTE Chorus isn’t a smartphone per se, but it runs on a 3G network, features Muve Music with unlimited song downloads, and has great sound quality.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Austin Gasparas says:


  2. carelesstaco says:

    I have owned this phone for two years and let me just say this is one of the shittiest phones money can buy

  3. ILoveMyAston Martins says:

    Goodluck trying to type anything with your fingers holy shit, I remember buying a stylus which helped alot but there are many better options out there…. Pass on this one.

  4. Tamorea Williams says:

    Fuck this shitty ass phone!!!!

  5. metalheavyawesome says:

    She said that the phone is not a smart phone per se??????? per se means by itself so she just said that it is more than a smart phone. wtf?

  6. Blake Geometrio says:

    I'm tpying on this f**king stupid phone right now. It sucks so bad.

  7. luis contreras says:

    i have the same one but then i watch youtube and its says sorry this video cant be played then i just got t mobile sa

  8. christian curtis says:

    how did u update android on it

  9. sarah trompeter says:

    What monthly plan are you on? I heard you can not access music unless you are on a plan of $45/month or $55/month. Anything less than that and you get no music.

  10. malika culpepper says:

    If you don't like the glossy fingerprint back, then get a case. Just saying that wold be smart.

  11. Sergio I. says:

    Her voice is so soothing!