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ZTE F102

Posted on November/12/2010 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

just messing around on my phone

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15 Responses so far.

  1. jahedur123456 says:

    does anyone know how toand where you can dowload software to unlock the ZTE F102

  2. Makaveli175 says:

    On this phone i got skype can i call my friend who has skype as well for free ?

  3. mehdilaptop says:


  4. bollowski says:

    do you have asthma???

  5. llyynnn123baby says:

    had this fone for about 2-3 months (not sure) but it is really rubbish! dont buy it… camera has no flash but it is decent enough, and the fone sometimes freezes complety and after you turn it on it take ages to load up. I’m buying the Blackberry vurve 8520 next week… cant wait to get rid of this rubbish 🙂

  6. multishops says:

    are all f102 have skype

  7. CatWiki says:

    This phone has good features for it’s price.

  8. dreamdriffter says:


  9. jonaspollard says:

    oh right, good idea, thanks for the advice 🙂

  10. canttelthetime says:

    @jonaspollard it may be down to the network, i get that message on my phone at times, after 6pm is the worse time as most people log on to the network. what i do is when im connected, i leave it connected using the hide function. then the only time i have to log onto skype is if i turn the phone off,then on again. hope it helped you.

  11. jonaspollard says:

    yer it does 😛

  12. topghetto says:

    yeah skype might take long to load if u have lots of contacts

  13. jonaspollard says:

    I had the phone about 1 month now and its great, good reception but skype takes ages to load and MSN doesn’t have predictive text

  14. topghetto says:

    nope its all ready built in

  15. jonaspollard says:

    well I have bought the phone but every time I enter my skype name and password it says currently unable to connect…can any one help me with this ?