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ZTE Flash 12.6MP Smartphone Review:

Posted on February/12/2017 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

The ZTE Flash marks the Chinese manufacture, ZTE’s first entry into the world of more premium handsets. Sporting an IPS 4.5″ display, 12.6 megapixel auto-focus camera, NFC technology, WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS… will this device live up to its impressive spec sheet?

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Luke D says:

    Please, save yourselves, and do not buy this fucking phone. This phone is the actual defention of shit, you can charge it all night long, and then use it the next day for about an hour, and then it dies, it lags constantly, can't play games without getting errors every ten seconds, overheats' in about ten minutes of using it, can only hold about three apps, and the camera quality sucks ass, and you can't even see the phone outside, do not, i repeat, do not, buy this shit phone.

  2. Kyle Jorgensen says:

    I own this phone and i can tell you it is garbage. It struggles with games as simple as geometry dash and overheats with the simplest of processes. I took a 10 minute video on this and the thing literally reached a temperature of 110 degrees f. It literally started smoking and almost burst into flames. The camera, while high res, struggles with taking pictures of still objects and takes 3 seconds to take a photo. Honestly the only good thing about this phone is the screen, but other than that this phone is trash.

  3. lcoleman45 says:

    Why do you talk so damn fast.

  4. Марат Рубанкович says:

    я ничего не понимаю, но смотреть интересно)

  5. Jerome Buckley says:

    U talk too fast

  6. Juanita Fagan says:

    I got a zte flash last week and its a good phone, and I really like it, Nice video

  7. Boston Speier/M says:

    its only big if you have a small hand if u have a big hand its not to bad

  8. Roger J. Perez Abreu says:

    This is actually my device and is totally like salvador says!!!…so sloww!!!…im dissaponited whit it…gonna sell it and buy a Moto G…

  9. Salvador Flores says:

    Feels like it only has 768 ram