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There is a new update on this Model. This method might not work on your device. Im sorry I haven’t been active I’ve been working a lot guys. Starting next week I’ll be posting a couple more videos on other devices as well.

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Xxelotron Gaming says:

    It worked yay

  2. Loyal Chavez says:

    this is the shit worked like a charm

  3. Bradley Cheers says:

    Yes this work so happy

  4. Jahmir Smith says:

    Thank you so much

  5. mstweety1000 says:

    Yesssss it worked u saved me $50

  6. meow says:

    You are the best man!!!!

  7. Bzzz Bxc says:

    I installed the test dpc apk and it downloaded I got to the screen where it says set up but it only had option to manage account and I hit set up and then it says "your phone dose not support work files . "

  8. Nikki Nik says:

    Thank you…

  9. dsean williams says:

    to turn off talk back once your in after you swipe the shape and the 2 screens apear with the google search bar just tap the mic on the google search bar and say turn off talk back it makes it much more easy to do without double tapping everything

  10. Muzammil Bin Noor says:

    oops this device is locked by factory reset protection . contact your it deptt. thats msgs shows

  11. Ana-Lisa Archulet says:

    Can you show how to bypass a google account lock on the zte grand x3. I tired this way and would not work. Im not sure if im doing it right but the "u" part will not work for me. Please help!

  12. Kervin Ogando says:

    Z982 pls

  13. Michael Brown says:

    this video deserves millions of views thank u so much

  14. Kam Douglas says:

    does this work on the grand x 3

  15. Brandon McNew says:

    It worked for me with the ZTE Grand Max 2. Great video man, thanks!