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ZTE Grand S hands-on

Posted on October/10/2018 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

ZTE announced its new flagship Android handset, the Grand S. For more details, check out our web site: http://www.phonearena.com/

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20 Responses so far.

  1. Raz Tsor says:

    GRAND ASS!!!)))))))))

  2. unableworld says:

    I want it right now.

  3. Concerned says:

    that navigational menu… -_-

  4. barnabas suciu says:

    It's grand-ass not grand s 🙂

  5. Darrian Spragg says:

    @Emmanuel Anguiano i know right

  6. Darrian Spragg says:

    @MarcYanOfficial rusty ugly ass bitch

  7. Jean Arias says:

    Good phone!!!

  8. Darrian Spragg says:

    Bitch I'm in 3rd grade

  9. duhFlash says:

    You seem to lack intelligence when posting this comment.

  10. MarcYanOfficial says:

    Is it because you find Android too confusing? Please don't bring up the topic of "iOS is so fluid" because those days are over. Most major apps are cross platform now. If you like the design of the phone but hate the software cause it's boring but still like it because it's an Apple then you are a hipster and a bandwagon fanboy. LOL.

  11. Darrian Spragg says:

    I hate android apple all day iPhone all day

  12. MeltonJohn1 says:

    Love the design. Hate the lag and battery size (capacity)

  13. Emmanuel Anguiano says:

    That phone sucks its supper laggy for a quad core my ass it has a quadcore-.-

  14. TheBcoolGuy says:

    yeah… Still, it's not innovative and new. Nevertheless, I don't really care about thin phones and tablets because my hand hurts when I hold my samsung galaxy s2 without a case on. I have some disease, that's why it hurts, but really, I don't see the need to make a like 3,7" thin phone which is probably gonna happen. If you go smaller, you can't have an earphone hole which would make it suck anyways.

  15. NovaDoll says:

    Looks really nice.

  16. J.J.C gaming says:

    it looks laggy because it's not the finished product !!!!!!

  17. fedoav says:

    looks laggy (:

  18. Kevin Ventura says:

    China only though :

  19. Santiago Cánepa says:

    I love the design !

  20. xXxOGfuKingBIGpersonality69xXx says:

    Looks nothing like an iphone