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ZTE Grand S hands-on video

Posted on March/20/2019 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

Jeff Blagdon goes hands-on with the ZTE Grand S. More from The Verge:

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20 Responses so far.

  1. Matthew Gonzales says:

    Now, seriously, what the fuck more do you want me to do? My original statement was just a copy/paste deal All I did was switch out Lumia 920 for the iPhone 5. I feel that you looked at the other guy's comment and just feel like you have to continue this stupid argument because you feel moronic. That's fine, feel like a moron, but don't waste my damn telling me to prove to you – a moron – that MY OWN FUCKING PHONE doesn't lag.

    MORON, I copy/pasted that "android will always lag". READ THE THREAD.

  2. Matthew Gonzales says:

    NOW LET'S GET TO MY Galaxy Nexus. Yes, let's start with that phrase: "MY GALAXY NEXUS." Any OPINIONS that I have on Android is based on MY GALAXY NEXUS' performance.

    Anything you consider "anecdotal" a fault of your own. The fact is that my Galaxy Nexus lags. It really does. You want me to prove that it lags when I physically can't show you my device.

    Do you know what a Galaxy Nexus is? It's a Nexus. It doesn't ship with a skin…which is why I bought it; I hate skins on Android.

  3. Matthew Gonzales says:


    LOLZ aside, my iPhone 5 and 4S don't lag. YOU don't understand that mobile OS's have different demands from each other. See, because if you cared to read, you'll have noticed that I said my Samsung Focus doesn't lag either.

    WHAT THIS AMOUNTS TO is that iOS 6 and Windows Phone 7 don't require powerful processors or large amounts of RAM to run smooth. And that's what's happening.

    NOW THIS DOESN'T APPLY to iPhone 4. That phone has a single-core 800MHz CPU.

  4. Centi Zen says:

    Again, more hyperbole. I've read all your messages, and it demonstrates you utter lack of understanding as to how a mobile OS works. Your iPhones don't lag? Bullshit.Your GNex does lag? Then get that stupid touchwiz skin off of it and see how it flies. Why don't you provide some concrete FACT (not this my this lags,my that lags, that's anecdotal and means nothing) that android will always lag? Call me simple if you want, but right now your just spouting bullshit and opinion presented as fact.

  5. Matthew Gonzales says:

    You're too simple to converse with, man. Did you even read my first message? You didn't think I only sent you a P.S. message, did you? That explains the hyperbole, bro. I was just copying someone else.

    My iPhone doesn't lag. I can't speak for anyone else. My Palm Pré lags; my Blackberry Storm 1 and 2 lag; my Pearl Flip definitely lags; and my Galaxy Nexus and G1 lag. My iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 don't lag. Oh and my Samsung Focus doesn't even have Windows Phone 7.5, so there's no reason for lag.

  6. Centi Zen says:

    No, you really haven't. You've just listed off a list of random phones you may or may not have had and expect that to mean anything when you say ridiculous things like "dosen't matter how many cores at which speed" when obviously things like that do matter. And stop pretending that iphones don't lag, because they do. As soon as apple releases the new one, all the old ones "magically" get slower. But please, enlighten me, what black magic does iOS use to gain this utter superiority you claim?

  7. Matthew Gonzales says:

    P.S. I own currently own the iPhone 5, Samsung Focus, Galaxy Nexus, Blackberry Tour, Storm 1 & 2, Pearl Flip, Palm Pré, G1, and the iPhone 4S. I'm the farthest thing from a fanboy. Even has Windows installed on my Mac. Oh, and I bought the Xoom on day one… I think I've explained enough. If I say anymore, you won't be able to assume anything about me :S

  8. Matthew Gonzales says:

    No, I never used the specific phone you're talking about. I used an Galaxy Nexus with 4.1. In fact, this is the phone that I own. It really didn't matter what the task was, my iPhone 4S was faster with iOS 6. That's why I mentioned your lack of confidence.

    In any case, calm down. I really don't care what you think of Android: I don't care if you don't think it's laggy. My only reason for commenting was the fact that @omgthisisAlex said the same thing about Android except he used the Nokia 920.

  9. Centi Zen says:

    I knew the answer; if you think android has lag, you've not used an s3 or any of the other awesome phones available without some carrier skinning. Care to, you know, back up your claims of iphone superiority? Looks to me like your just a sardonic fanboy.

  10. Serssius says:

    adw launcher is my best bet on this phone.

  11. Juan Zuluaga says:

    but in this video the phone has nova launcher and this is faster than the crap zte skin

  12. Juan Zuluaga says:

    because is a shit

  13. Matthew Gonzales says:

    No, I honestly didn't get the joke.

    My comment was satire, as well. Someone commented on here, saying that the Lumia 920 was way better and everything. All I did was copy/paste and inserted the iPhone 5 instead of the 920. (See: omgthisisAlex's comment underneath this comment)

    I have the Galaxy Nexus and can actually confirm that Android still lags, even with Jelly Bean. I don't have 4.2 because my phone has been deactivated, but 4.1 (with project butter) is still stuttery around the OS.

  14. Ole Anders Stokker says:

    It was a joke, get it? And no, Android does not always lag, it lags when it's skinned, but stock Android 4.1 and up doesn't lag. And i agree that how many cores doesn't count, but there is something that does, and thats the single tread performance.

  15. Matthew Gonzales says:

    Trolling is trolling unless the person trolling is not really trolling. Then it's just a guy saying something on the internet, troll. Keep your patent; it hasn't been infringed.

  16. Matthew Gonzales says:

    Well, capability is in the hands of the user. If you can't use a simple OS, that's your own downfall, my friend. Good luck counting your cores, or whatever you do with your spare time.

  17. Matthew Gonzales says:

    Asks a question but is too insecure to let the answerer do his job ^-^ I love it, thanks for the pick-me-up.

  18. Ryan Davies says:

    Why not talk about the battery?

  19. mr17krm says:

    I don't get it !!! Most of android users root there phones so they get a stock android ROM such CM10 why want the companies use android as god wanted to be, pure and lag free. JESUS

  20. TheTerr0rbyte says:

    @byHazuL it's running android after all