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ZTE Grand S II hands on

Posted on July/27/2018 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

We go hands-on with ZTE’s new Grand S II and its impressive vocal abilities at CES 2014.


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13 Responses so far.

  1. Christopher Hosker says:

    you need to make that phone for boost mobile I got the zte boost max but that phone is better than mine

  2. Robert M. says:

    is the battery removeable?


    I HATE : 30 SEC ADS !!!

  4. Deathonator3k says:

    Open the pod bay doors! Lol

  5. G0lfYankee says:

    Lol, I'm not yelling "ZTE, ACTIVATE!" every time I want to unlock my phone in a coffee shop. Sound unlock is a dumb idea.

    Personally, my phone is always unlocked until it goes out of bluetooth range from my Pebble smartwatch, at which point a defiant passcode prompt appears. It that stunningly convenient and awesome whilst at the same time being secure and discrete? Why yes, it is all of those things.

    Voice unlock is the kind of gimmick that someone who watches TV, but who has never actually owned a smartphone, would think of.

  6. konnyfu says:

    Grand ass 😀

  7. 3dkiller says:

    nice looking phone

  8. Benjamin Gottfridsson says:

    Ffs… metric system

  9. Faiz Arsyad Wahab says:

    Voice cracks here and there by Michael Fisher

  10. Śęśródró Półśki says:


  11. Naufaldi Hilmi says:

    there's a new beats too?!! WUUUTTT?!!!

  12. Leaderofbatz says:

    I like this phone

  13. Jackson1189 says:

    Wannabe galaxy