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ZTE Grand X 4 Hands-On

Posted on August/2/2018 | Categories: Videos 4 Comments

We have a full review of the ZTE Grand X 4 over at BCCHardware.com and this is our hands-on portion. There is a lot more information, images and details in our full review

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Pasquale Oberland says:

    I had. This phone I had to take it back it had very poor data connection the signal wasn't stable at all it constantly switched between 2g to lte

  2. James Evans says:

    I had a ZTE Warp. 100% trash.

  3. miner s from utah says:

    How do you replace the battery?

  4. FluxX Domino says:

    The battery is not great . I bought this phone out right then 6 months later I bought something else. ZTE makes crap devices. Their finger print scanner only works half the time !

    Save $150 & get something better.

    Battery life poor. Finger print scanner shit. Plus they'll never upgrade till Android 7!