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ZTE Grand X 4 Hidden Features 🔎 Cricket Wireless, Secret Gallery, Battery Saver, Mi Pop, Gif Maker

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Hi this is John from Magic Tech Review! Just a father trying to help his mute autistic son little john. Where I do magic tricks, cell phone, tablet, mobile unboxings, reviews, gadgets, iphone, android tech and cellphone reviews on Cricket Wireless, metropcs, tmobile, at&t, sprint, verizon and many more. I am also a gamer at heart so I play mobile and emulator games. So stay tuned for more videos I wanna share with the world my take on things! Also check out my Magic Network featured channels which help me in my cause to help my mute autistic son as well! Unboxing Cricket Wireless, Metropcs, Boost Mobile and all prepaid service

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Gabe Ulrickson says:

    Anyone stuck on previous builds? Mine is stuck on Z956.1.2.13 and my moms is stuck on Z956.2.5.19 and they should both be on Z956.2.9.26

  2. Fernanda Hernandez says:

    I have this phone and I'm having trouble connecting devices trough Bluetooth can anyone Tello me why?

  3. Pasquale Oberland says:

    my grand x 4 never came with my pop wtf

  4. The Catacombs says:

    The one thing I hate about this phone is I can't block texts or numbers, just the stupid send to voicemail. This one person won't leave me the fuck alone and I get way to many messages and can't just silence them

  5. Jennifer Shiflett says:

    If u pres power butten with the down valume together at the same time it will take a screenshot

  6. Sagan Fox says:

    I need help! I accidentally turned my fast charge off and I have no idea how to get it back on. Any ideas?!

  7. Anshel Franco says:

    hello dude, do you know how to root this phone?

  8. MalyRasta 420 says:

    I got this phone brand new online, had to return it 3 days later because I couldn't make calls or use data.

  9. Chess Tauren says:

    Considering how cheap this phone is, it is indeed packed with features. The major annoyance is that it comes only with 16G internal memory of which 9G is taken up by the OS and Google apps. And you can't move apps to the SD card.

  10. Lily Val says:

    Too bad found you too late & couldn't win 1. I so need it after all lost & been through stress & more.

  11. Lily Val says:

    Fiddle with all stuff. lots folks don't. I look stuff up like on here. lol Cool it has hidden album. What other ones have it. Yeah I had done FM radio on my Windows Nokia. The Samsung Galaxy Express 3 is terribke. lol

  12. Kitty Meow says:

    I just bought this phone the other day. My last phone was the HTC Desire. One feature I used often was to enlarge an area on the screen I would tap it 3x quickly. Then I could move the image around, etc. Since that doesn't work on this phone do you know how I can do this? I don't want to go into settings and use larger type or anything, I just want to quickly zoom in and out while I'm looking at webpages. I hope you can help me out 🙏 puleeze! Thank you 🙋👍

  13. Edgar Lopez says:

    is it 720p quality for YouTube??

  14. Door Stubb says:

    What's a "jif"?