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ZTE Grand X Max 2 VS LG Stylo 2 Phone Battle Cricket Wireless MTR
More details as soon as I get them comment on what you think will be coming. Be reasonable haha
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12 Responses so far.

  1. Dian Long says:

    I've been having nothing but problems with the ZTE Grand Max 2 first after awhile I have to reboot the phone because the sound for a call goes out I had to get it replaced and the sane thing is happening to the replacement there are other issues I'm having as well I use to love the ZTE brand but after all the problems I've had I'm getting the LG that was shown in the video I'm very disappointed in this phone

  2. Robin Holmes says:

    Currently looking at these 2 phones. I might get the Grand Max 2. I currently have the LG Stylo. I love it but the main issues I have are all the apps that I can't move or uninstall. Especially since it has 8 GB of memory and I can only use 3gb which is frustrating. The sound and camera looks good on the Grand Max 2.

  3. Steven Booth says:

    thanks for your help

  4. Steven Booth says:

    I need help getting a Cricket phone I wanted phone I want it but I don't have a store in my area and it's sold out online was wondering if you know of any options and I wanted to get the port in credit promotion

  5. Steven Booth says:

    great video

  6. Ahkeli Dobbs says:

    he a bum

  7. Ahkeli Dobbs says:

    ZTE copied apple

  8. Luis Tovar says:

    i got the one from metro and its octacore i guess thats why i assumed they were all octacore

  9. Luis Tovar says:

    both have octocore lol sorry watching while commenting should know specs before hand

  10. Luis Tovar says:

    the stylo 2 also has a adreno 505 better graphics

  11. Luis Tovar says:

    stylo 2 is a octacore lol

  12. Lucas Allen says:

    Hey John it's been a while. I was just watching this again. The idol 3 has 2 clock speeds. The octa core CPU consists of 2 quad core CPUs combined. Each has a different clock speed. The first has a clock speed of 1.5 and the other is clocked at 1.0. Both are cortex a-53 cores. That CPU is called a snapdragon 615. The ZTE has a SD 617. Same setup of 2 quad core cortex a-53s but with a clock speed of 1.5 and 1.2. Barely a difference.