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3 Responses so far.

  1. Joe White says:

    ZTE GRAND X MAX 2 – Worst. Phone. Ever. Irremovable TouchPal throws adds on your lock screen, and phone app, and msg app.. Mine went black after 60 days (btw you can't remove the battery) They sent me a refurbished replacement instead of a new phone, and it died after 30 days. The second trip through the warranty has them sending via FedEx instead of UPS, and after 4 days it just now delivered to the repair shop… I wouldn't spend another cent on ANY of this companies products. oh, and the Bluetooth is just about useless.

  2. Randy Reynoso says:

    they are like that about the HTC 10. it seems if it's not iPhone or a Galaxy phone then they are juck

  3. D. Harrell says:

    boost in Illinois is great no problem alot boost stores try to figure should I get max2 or j7 which do you like better