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ZTE Grand X Max – hard reset

Posted on July/31/2016 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

http://azcellphones.com/ presents the ZTE Grand X Max – hard reset

Check out more Hard reset videos here http://www.azcellphones.com/tutorials/diy-repair/samsung-repair-guide/galaxy-s2-skyrocket/

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10 Responses so far.

  1. buckstophurr says:

    Thanks a million my friend…

  2. karina yourmomma says:

    Jose Martinez loves karina

  3. Zykerria Moore says:

    I did every step it sti didn't work

  4. Larro G says:

    What happens when you do a hard reset, but can't log into your old google account, so you can use the phone? I put the right password in, but it keeps taking me back to the enter email screen.

  5. Oscar 420 says:


  6. DarkScorpionOmega says:

    I was given a ZTE Grand X Max – it was soft bricked upon receiving. If anyone wouldn't mind could you contact me if you have a backup of the OS I can reinstall. Thanks

  7. Raul Saldana (BoxingWolf) says:

    does this mess with your cellphone service in anyway such as it disconnects you from cricket or at t

  8. kenneth Paulding says:

    if I hit wipe data , reset like the video shows.. I assume I will lost my pics, numbers, everything?

  9. Samantha Holliday says:

    something happened to my speakers.. how. do I know how to fix it?

  10. Devin Holtsclaw says:

    what do I do if the volume up button doesn't work?