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A hands on, consumer review of the ZTE Grand X Max + from Cricket Wireless. Please remember to thumbs up this video and subscribe! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Alex Botman says:

    i know you want to be care full with big phones like that cause they can fall break easy.

  2. Shelby Edwards says:

    I am wanting to switch to cricket it looks like you can order the phone and sim card online would you suggest going online or going in to a location? Thanks for all the help.

  3. Tony R says:

    Just got this phone and I like it!
    Noticed during wallpaper segment you have choice of lock and home screen.
    Only see wallpaper tab and no icons. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for this video…

  4. Kashkaani Aspen says:

    I just bought this yesterday, it is great for ppl like me with poor vision but I am old and cant even figure out how to save phone numbers 🙂 Help ty

  5. Alicia Thompson says:

    Which phone is bigger this one or the iPhone 6s plus?

  6. Johnnie Johnson says:

    do you still think this is a good phone what should I get the Alcatel One Touch idol

  7. Val Wzw says:

    Can you root this phone?

  8. justin johnson says:

    battery life?

  9. Larry Sizemore says:

    I've had this phone about four months now and it's acceptable, but not a great phone.   Has kitt katt 4.4.4.  Works pretty well but freezes up often and has to be restarted.  The speakers and volumes are my biggest complaint,  simply can't hear anything with this phone.   Cricket wireless works fantastic though,  my wife got the Samsung grand prime and despite having half the performance numbers of this phone and being much cheaper,  the grand prime is much better.

  10. セプルイゥゥジェッセ says:

    I have a small correction for you. I have this phone. There is an upgrade for the 5.0 lollipop os. He have to download it from ZTE website directly. The up dates as hotspot to the phone.

  11. BritneyRasheeda says:

    How do I get my hotspot to work

  12. Lyric Nabors says:

    Cricket has ten gigs for 40$

  13. Motorized Bandit says:

    Should I get this or the alcatel one touch idol 3

  14. mike Hunter says:

    were can you insert a memory card

  15. Pascal Jefferson says:

    lovin that masterchief helmet in the background bro..