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ZTE Grand X Max+ Review

Posted on May/16/2018 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

For more details, check out our web site: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/ZTE-Grand-X-Max-Review_id3947
ZTE has taken appropriate measures in showing consumers that they’re able to deliver quality, entry-level devices that compete nicely against companies with more brand recognition. We’ve seen that ourselves with the ZTE ZMAX over the busy holiday season, but it’s continuing to pick up even more steam with its latest device in the ZTE Grand X Max+…

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Garpet Flarpet says:

    I had this phone a long time ago I really loved it and then I broke it trying to root it. RIP you will forever be in my heart 😢.

  2. Sylvia Isabel says:

    i got this phone right when it came out. paid $300 and I'm still currently using it as we speak. For the past week I've been watching videos to see what phone I can upgrade to, but for the price, none seems to beat this one. i LOVE the cameras and battery life on this phone. i can go two days without charging it and my photos are so clear. if anyone has a good suggestion for a phone with good cameras and good battery life that isn't $500+ please let me know

  3. Marieli Santana says:


  4. Chris Qualtrougeehjdd says:

    Does this phone have an IR blaster?

  5. maniikaheem Tv says:

    which phone bigger a zte zmax or this do anyone know

  6. jorgette juarbe says:

    how do u screenshot?

  7. Dragunov778 says:

    Grand x max vs galaxy mega vs xperia z ultra ????

  8. Tanisha Gilbert says:

    Yes you too

  9. July 26 says:

    This or the Lg Stylo? which is better to buy?

  10. tim Jeffs says:

    Thank you for that review. I was wondering what kind of watch you are wearing?

  11. Coma Black says:

    I just picked this phone up. it's not bad. I'm use to Samsung Galaxy phones and Nexus and this phone works and feels just like them. it's a good phone for the price

  12. Random Smartphone Videos says:

    I tested video on this smartphone!

  13. Kristina S says:

    I used your channel to determine which phone I should get from Cricket and went with this. Love the size because I have big hands and all the other phones are like credit cards! Sans the speaker it's great, but I have one problem, I can't use the SD Card! All downloaded apps do /not/ have the option to be moved. Is there a secret menu I'm suppose to access? What's the point of having an SD slot if I can't use it!?

  14. Rodney_Frm_1978 says:

    I hope this is a good phone

  15. mikey stapleton says:

    How do you multitask please get back to me

  16. Keyonna Moragne says:

    How do you screen shot

  17. Mario Gillette says:

    I have a question about the video camera. My brother is a drummer in a punk band,and as you can imagine the shows are pretty loud, especially right up at the stage, what's the audio quality of the videos taken in loud environments such as a live concert?