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ZTE Grand X Walkthrough

Posted on April/11/2016 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

We take a look at the new mid-range device from ZTE, the Grand X. Touted as a gaming focused smartphone, the Grand X packs a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and costs just £190 on Virgin Media in the UK.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Jachym Lukes says:

    Intel version does, Tegra does have 512MB.

  2. Smiley cuty says:


  3. Muhammet Ali Yılmaz says:

    sikerim lan!

  4. Muhammet Ali Yılmaz says:

    s*kerim lan!

  5. John Smith says:

    its got a tegra – it'll game just fine

  6. Nikola Markovic says:

    This mobilephone have 1024 GB of RAM

  7. Dovevenas says:

    no it has 512mb of ram

  8. guitarboy995 says:

    It has 1GB RAM….

  9. Thiago Alves Santos says:

    where you bought?

  10. 11Daniel2k says:

    Compared to the likes of the orange san diego.. tho

  11. TwiSteR says:

    It's not, for this price it's really great phone (4.3" qHD screen, dual-core CPU, stock ICS…).

  12. 11Daniel2k says:

    512MB ram, thats a big spoiler.

  13. Lee Tom says:

    There's a competition,You can win a Grand X LTE at their official facebook page (ztecorp)