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ZTE Grand X2 review

Posted on March/19/2016 | Categories: Videos 8 Comments

0 from Bell … no contract. How good can it really be?


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8 Responses so far.

  1. mustang13990 says:

    Same size as the Note 3?

  2. Tania Gantcheva says:

    I just bought the phone and I wonder if there is a flash light? I know there is one for the camera, but is there one just to use as light? Thank you.

  3. V VVR says:

    Does anyone know where you can get some cases for this phone –
    I just saw some cases on mobileFun –http://ca.mobilefun.com/31487/zte/grand-x2.htm

  4. Jenna Walls says:

    It's a good phone until you hit the 2 Month mark, my phone (zte grand x 2) stopped working overnight I plugged it in to charge and a few hours later it didn't turn on and it wouldn't charge anything. It was working perfectly fine the day before and the the battery lasted the whole day without Charge until I plugged it in late at night and it was still working. I woke up and it didn't work. I bought this phone August 15th 2015 and this all happened today October 17th 2015. I would not recommend this phone unless it's your last option.

  5. kevin da pro guy says:

    ha ha i got one for only 120 bucks

  6. Jonathan Michaels says:

    Excellent review! I've been looking around for sometime for a review on this phone. No stores or kiosks near me have a live phone to play with. Once again thanks the great review!

  7. First Name Last Name says:

    Is there a giveaway since you said someone is gonna win it?