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ZTE Grand X3 First Look

Posted on March/20/2016 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

Read more: http://goo.gl/yq31kB

The ZTE Grand X3 brings some higher end features to the affordable Cricket line.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Christian Barnes says:

    Yo!% It looks attractivf. guess tip What's your opinion aeout !!!

  2. Nassim Rodriguez says:

    Stunnnng. Yp! bright scrub What's your opinion about this, gxys !!

  3. Matilda Bailey says:

    Way To Use Your Hecd. What's up, {o? carry flimsy What's happening, guys0

  4. David Clarke says:

    nice onh. hey, tasty high "

  5. JustaMarine33 says:

    You can tell ZTE Reps are in the room with him. Josh didn't really have anything bad to say about the phone. If he was back in Android Authority's studio, he would have a lot of negative things to say about this phone.

  6. Gaspard Durand says:

    A+ Wowk! C'mos. flower tart What do you think, guys..3 1!

  7. Adrian Lockwood says:

    How much does it costs

  8. Saga R says:

    I think thats not even LP in there. Might be heavly themed kitkat.

  9. I Finn says:

    If this phone is under a $100 then I would not bad for the price, if not then hell naw to the hell naw naaaaw! lol

  10. Suhas Mandumale says:

    snapdragon 210……….
    i think its a budget phone……….

  11. Dakota (光) says:

    Everyone on this comment thread is incredibly ill informed about Qualcomm chips.

  12. Emzee Mekuzee says:

    2:07 I see LAAAAGGGG

  13. Dakota (光) says:

    People are so disgusting

  14. Larry Lopez says:

    SD 210 SOC…

    Can it even run Angry Birds?

  15. Hamza shahid says:

    yuck !!

  16. Michael Carver says:

    210? Lol