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ZTE Kis 3 Max – hands-on (IFA 2014)

Posted on April/16/2016 | Categories: Videos 7 Comments

http://www.instalki.pl/ ZTE Kis 3 Max – hands-on (IFA 2014).

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Akkeel Polo says:

    do not buy this phone this is the worst phone every freezes and shuts off sometimes it just doesn't turn on and it vleared my music and everything

  2. MassMan says:


  3. Gold Roger says:

    Overall it is a pretty good phone for its price but when i play videos on youtube it wont go higher than 360p even though on facebook i was able to play HD videos does anyone knows how to watch HD videos from youtube ?

  4. Ali Yafai says:

    this phone have app download like whatsapp insgatgram twitter youtube?

  5. munchy 22 says:

    if your gona do a review do a review this sucks.

  6. Ihtz Jae says:

    Good phone

  7. paloma Ramirez says:

    Le gusto al molcajete